Vision Statement
“A spirit filled fellowship engaging in fervent worship, bible based teaching and preaching, and 
compassionate missions driven to be the miracle in downtown Atlanta”.
Mission Statement
The mission or Big Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus 
Christ; and to communicate to the world through preaching, teaching, evangelizing, worshipping,
and stewardship, that “Jesus Saves.”
Values Statement
“We are a God centered, people-oriented Christian community operating in an environment of 
excellence and love.  All that we do is undergirded by prayer”.
Jesus was always doing his Father’s business. He was actively engaged in ministry and so were the 
people that followed Him. Jesus did not have “pew disciples” the way we have “pew members” in 
today’s church. Moving from membership to discipleship means that we must all commit ourselves
to being involved in meeting needs.
We encourage you to take seriously the command that we are to be doers of the word by actively 
ministering to others. There are over forty ministries at Big Bethel.  There is something for 
everyone to do. Your gifts and talents are vital to assuring that we meet needs.  As you look 
through this section, ask yourself “how can I find my space” in the ministry?
Once you have determined how you would like to use your gifts, talents and interests in
Christian service,contact the coordinator of that ministry or the church office for additional information.
Yoga and massage